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I am Chanti, 39 years old, with a big family, amazing kids and a wonderful husband. I love the nature, I am a coach, a teacher, a yogi, a friend, a cook, a cleaner, a boxer, a sauna person, a food lover... I believe that this planet is our biggest teacher to evolve. Every situation and person around us support us to grow and give us hints which patterns, believes and habits we can let go.

Let’s find out together where this beautiful life is leading us, which gaps and steps we need to face in order to grow and become our best version. Do we actually know where we want to go? Do you take over responsibility for the things you create in your life? Do you know how to look after yourself so that the best version of you can act?

In the coachings, I see my role as a holder of the space, going to show you other perspectives, other dimensions of a problem or a drama you are going through.

With a sprinkle of ancient wisdom and a dash of modern magic, I try to support you to unravel the mysteries of your inner world. Think of me as your personal cheerleader, encouraging you to tap into your hidden potential, nurture meaningful connections, and find your way to take over responsibility in your life. 

I believe that we sometimes we need some hints from the outside to get back to our clarity and get aware of things that are happening inside. Let me guide your to a place where you are aware of what you are creating.


HeartMath Building Personal Resilience Certification Program, starting Feb. 24

Practical consciousness, Class clarity and emotions with Ingvar Villido

Certificate as Life Coach, Mindvalley

Complementary therapist with branch certificate OdA KT in yoga therapy

Adult educator SVEB 1​

Marketing specialist with federal certificate

Federal diploma in tourism ​ ​



2024 Facilitating a yoga retreat in Zanzibar

2023 Creating the chanticoaching space

2022 Foundation of Blissful fix - Yoga, Meditation, Coaching

2021/2024 stay abroad with the whole family in Estonia

Monthly coaching and supervision with Claudia Macchinetti

2020 Meditation journey with Michaela Merten to Glastonbury

2018 /2019 Silence seminar with Brigitte Feige​ ​ ​ ​


My mother tongue is Swiss German, but I also speak fluent English and French and a little Spanish.

Chanti Coaching Häberli Tatari 64 Tallinn Estonia Jooga joga life Coach yoga therapy Estonia
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