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I'm Chantal Häberli, 37 years old and living in Tallinn, Estonia at the moment. Originally I am from Switzerland. I am married and a mother and stepmother of 4 children. Yoga and inner growth have accompanied me for about 10 years. I love personal growth and I am so greatful for the incredible abundance that surrounds us.  Since I know that I can always decide if I act out of love and joy or fear, my life has become so much lighter and happier. This is exactly what I want to pass on to as many people as possible. I would love to see more people happy and in a state of abundance. I enjoy passing on my feelings and knowledge to other people. 

Yoga has been with me for over 14 years. For me, yoga means being myself and going through everyday life with mindfulness. Yoga with its philosophy gives me depth and has become a way of life for me.

Lots of the coachings combine yoga and life coaching. I use a lot of tools like breathing and/or meditation to become more aware of the feelings and needs.  I am incredibly happy to accompany you as a yoga therapist and/or life coach. It is important to me that you find your own way of creating your life with more abundance and joy.


Certificate as Life Coach, Mindvalley

Complementary therapist with branch certificate OdA KT in yoga therapy

Adult educator SVEB 1​

Marketing specialist with federal certificate

Federal diploma in tourism ​ ​



2021/2023 stay abroad with the whole family in Estonia

Monthly coaching and supervision with Claudia Macchinetti

2020 Meditation journey with Michaela Merten to Glastonbury

2018 / 2019 Silence seminar with Brigitte Feige​ ​ ​ ​


My mother tongue is Swiss German, but I also speak fluent English and French and a little Spanish.

Chanti Coaching Häberli Tatari 64 Tallinn Estonia Jooga joga life Coach yoga therapy Estonia
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