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Do you choose to act out of fear or love?

I sounds stupid, doesn't it? Of course you choose love but do you really always do? Do you eat healthy because you are afraid of getting sick or do you do it out of joy? Do you meet friends and family because you want to please them or you really like to meet them and you feel fulfilled after the get together? Do you choose to wear make-up because you love it or because you think you might not look nice?

So you can see, it is not always that easy to choose to act out of love. Do you know why this happens? Because we don't know what we actually want and what our needs are. If we would feel our needs very well, then it would not happen that often.

I give you some examples to show when we just skip our needs:

For example: I feel tired and need a nap in the afternoon. However, the children also need me and I skip the afternoon nap. I pass myself constantly. But I could also take a moment to rest with the kids and show them that mum has needs too. This teaches the children to be aware of their own needs in early age.

Another example I work 100% in the office and I prefer to spend my coffee breaks on my own in the fresh air. But my colleagues think this is antisocial and want me to spend the break with them and I do it because I want to feel loved by everyone.

My input for your everyday life:

Start to be aware of your behavior during your day and feel if you act more often out of love towards yourself or others or out of fear.

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